Santul Katahra had given the promise ring tk the bom diggy diggy girl Sakshi Malik and they have jetted off to the Maldives for a vacation. They have made up for some pretty pretty pictures make us all longing for a holiday. This year has been a year of start and stops and we are all wanting that vacation for us. These pictures from the vacation of Sakshi and santul make us want it all the way more.
We spoke to Sakshi on a call on this and here is what the model and actress says, “I am having a ball of a time here in the Maldives. It has clear water, clear skies and some amazing beaches. That’s something I have been in love ever since I know. I am a beach bum and santul loves the waters as well. We haven’t been out for quite some time. We have a lot of planning to do and this was a lovely place to do that as well. Santul has been such a sweetheart. A time out seems like a holiday anywhere with him. And we have this beautiful place for some amazing starts.”
Santul and Sakshi are a beautiful couple and we can’t our eyes off them. We wish them all the love and luck for the future.