Know everything about your favourite MTV DIVA and Video Jockey.


1) You have been a part of great shows like MTV Roadies and Big boss, worked as VJ and are a youth Icon now! What made you break all these stereotypes and reach where you are?

I was always passionate about performing arts. I would do everything under the sun in school and college when it came to performing arts. I think I followed the universe’s direction, I took where it followed me, took up opportunities that came my way, and here I am. I still remember my first year of being a VJ and hosting shows for MTV, for that show we were required to travel to cities all over India, my flight would land back at 12 am and I would study till the morning sun and directly go give my exams. I even studied in flights while going and coming as well as in the hotel rooms before my shoot and after it. My make up dada would knock at 7 in the morning and I’d be up studying, and he’d say “Ben soi Nahi raat bhar, bhot dark circles cover karne padenge aaj” hahah I aced both my exams and it was a great start in my shoots as well, that still remains one of my proudest little achievement! 🙂

2) You are a voyager yourself and you never fail to share it with us on Instagram. We are curious to know your favourite travel destinations, hotels and food out of all the followings you have tried so far?

Favorite destination has to be New York, for food it has to be the Italian food in Italy and it’s tiramisu, my tastebuds will agree! I ate tiramisu for dessert there everyday post my meals, it was a necessity. Hahah. Selecting one hotel is difficult, I’ve been to so many beautiful ones, I think this one goes to Kandima In the Maldives, that place is so soothing, totally my vibe.


3) Youth in India has started getting inclined towards fashion, You yourself are a fashionista and a lot of people love and follow your fashion sense?
What is your take on this change and how do you plan to influence people for a better version of themselves through fashion? Any expert advice?

Fashion is all about your personality. Whatever suits your vibe, your comfort and your style, basically whatever goes with YOU the most should be your kind of fashion. Inspiration is always good but make your style all about you. Create fashion by being you.

4) Any message you would want to give all your fans and followers through India Voyage?

The point of life is to have fun. Love your family the most, create magic, make every moment count, follow your passion, see the world ,

love your soul mate and make them feel special, and do beautiful things that make you smile. Also, always remember to be kind, it makes people feel better, we could use goodness in the world. Be happy, be your happiest.