When I was introduced to KOGO, it was really difficult for me to understand the need for KOGO as we already have google/apple maps, GPS in phones, car and other devices, Picture/Content apps, Then why another device? But when you stop thinking entrepreneurs start thinking and that is what people at KOGO did. Now you do not need to use multiple applications for a single journey especially road trips and adventure travelling. KOGO will do it all for you.

What happens the most with frequent travellers is that we forget places most of the times, as we keep a count of the known destinations but do you know where exactly are you right now? Or where did you stop like 5 mins back? Where did I eat? Was that a breakdown or a pee break etc? Not only that it keeps the track of a newly discovered path too so that you do not have to think twice before making your own way.

Setting KOGO up 

KOGO is the easiest device to set up with your phone. You just need to charge your KOGO bot and download the KOGO app on your phone. KOGO app will ask you to enter the IMEI Number provided on the device. It will connect as soon as you enter the IMEI Number.
1. How to start

KOGO app will ask you to enter your details and make your profile on KOGO platform. You can explore what other fellow travellers are doing. Also, upload a nice Profile picture. The interface is almost like social media platforms but restricted to travellers.

2. Ready to Roll

I would say to set up KOGO is just a two-step process and the third step is your trip. You can enter your destination and start the first trip.

How does it work?

Once you make your trip live on KOGO. It shows you the map to your destination. KOGO is so smart that it will remind you of all the places you stop at and ask you. If you were there because of breakdown, or for a meal, or to pee, or you for fuel and many other options.

How does it map?

KOGO will make a timeline of your trip say 400km. It will mark all the places and ask you immediately then and there if you took a break to see some scenic beauty. You can also add your comments and caption then and there along with your pictures and a video of 60-sec length.

Let me elaborate it to you through my Trip from

Goa to Pune

  • It creates a highlight of your trip on your profile (PUNE) here.
  • When you tap it shows you the details.
  • You can tap on trip summary and it will show you the KMS timeline of your trip according to the stops you made during the trip.
  • You can update your trip details with KOGO every time you stop or do it all together after completing the trip.
  • Your trip will be posted, you can see and review it anytime with every minute details along with the captions and share it with your friends.
  • You can tap on the Trip Video option to create a video of your trip.
How Content Works:

KOGO will ask you through the trip about what you do, where are you and provide you with basic information already. To mark the highlights of that place and share your emotions through words you can write captions then and there.

In case you do not want to do anything KOGO will still keep a track of all the things and you can edit or write once you are back from the trip.

Important Points:
  • KOGO provides you with a magnet that sticks to the tank of your bike so that you do not have to make extra space for it.
  • The battery life of KOGO is outstanding you can do up to two to three trips in one charge. If you are not overusing it.
  • Connection of KOGO bot to KOGO app is extremely smooth.

KOGO can be a game-changer for all the travellers as it provides you with a platform where all that you see and learn are from passionate travellers and simply sorts everything out for you. A proper social non-social network for the traveller and as I named it “More of your travel buddy than a bot”

What are you waiting for, order a KOGO now!