Q. You are one of those influencers who can’t be classified into one category. Were you aware of your versatility since the beginning?

Honesty, I don’t think of myself as an influencer. I am an actor since the age of 5 and lucky to be a creator on multiple platforms who always tries to be real and be myself. I’m someone who has an interest in a variety of things – travel, performing, fashion, beauty, etc. So that’s what my content has always been about. It bothered me earlier that I may not fit into any one category, but now I realize that it is my strength, my USP. It makes things unpredictable and fresh.

Q. Millions of people are aware of what is happening in your life and career these days. But very few know about your journey. We would like you to briefly tell us about your journey?

Acting happened accidentally at a very young age. Right after college, I got a TV show and I was a TV soap opera bahu for about 2 years. I always felt that it was not my cup of tea because I could not relate to it. But from there the journey to digital was very exciting but hard. Even though I worked with MTV which led to an initial boost in my social media handles, becoming a creator and keeping my content worthwhile was a challenge. Acting will always remain my first love but I also really enjoy creating my own content and directly reaching out to my followers. I have 2 shows on Netflix and youtube. Even though now everyone believes in the OTT story, I gravitated towards the digital space much early on because I identified with the content being created there.

Q. 2020 was harsh and we could not travel much. What destinations are on your list for 2021?

Honestly, beggars cannot be choosers haha! I’d be happy to start traveling safely irrespective of the destination. I truly enjoy traveling and exploring. I might start closer to home. You’d be surprised at some of the gems that are around us in India.
Q. Imagine you decide to become a full-time traveler and you have to choose one mainstream profession related to travel (except blogging/vlogging) what would that be?
II would be working with an international organization like the WWF or IUCN or I would be a wildlife photographer. I feel genuine love and connection with animals and the environment and am always looking for ways to help. My social profile has actually helped me contribute in larger ways than I could in the past.

Q. Your wildest travel fantasy?

My ultimate travel fantasy is do an epic journey from the North pole to the South Pole. It could take as long as it does and I’d love for it to be as spontaneous as possible. It’s the best way to discover new cultures and places and most importantly, yourself.

Q. You are on the cover of India Voyage which is a small community of Voyagers dedicated to making people read the best and legit travel things. How does it feel?

It feels great!! Travel is super close to my heart and being on the cover of a magazine that celebrates travel makes it very special. I myself am an avid Voyager.
Q. To all our Subscribers, especially International ones! Five Must-try Indian food or restaurants that you would recommend.
  • Pani Puri
  • Pav Bhaji 
  • Rajma chawal 
  • Hot Jalebis
  • Paratha with makkhan and pickle

Q. Any message for all your fans here?  

Carpe diem – The trick to enjoying life and making the most of it is to be present at the moment and always being open to new experiences because the best things happen when you least expect them.