Q. Since the time India first saw your Dance India Dance Audition till today, you have proved how versatile an Individual can be and bagged the tag of Slow motions King. We have seen Raghav as a tremendous dancer, actor, choreographer, and anchor what do you like doing the most out of these?

All these things engulfs my heart with Jollity and enhance my love for novelty as I’m a performer. Currently I’m enjoying brushing and sculpting my acting skills alot. And I feel that these forms of art embodies challenges that allows you to plunge within yourself and explore and acknowledge the innate shades you posses.You get to know about your insecurities and things that you are proficient at. With every character and performance entails a lesson to learn and imbibe new qualities in you. 

Q. We have never seen you associated with any travel platform and we are grateful to have you on the only India-based travel platform. How was your shooting experience and your emotions for this cover?

The shooting experience was full of moments. Im soo much into travelling that you can find me with plentiful of beautiful locations on my social media handles. And as I’m Pahadi from Uttarakhand, so trekking and mountaineering is a part of my lifestyle. I felt really great connecting with the magazine and the shooting experience was phenomenal. The photographs have been captured in an artistic and aesthetic manner. We cooked biryani after the shoot and had a picnic kind of thing. So yes it was a memorable experience.

Q. What is travel for you? How do you define yourself as a traveler? Five favorite domestic travel destinations and international travel destinations?

I think travel is something where you pause from your daily busy schedule and pamper and refuel yourself with more positive energy. You encounter different kinds of authentic cultures, people, cuisines and lifestyle. While trekking when you reach the aimed point it feels something beyond surreal and beyond your real life problems. It takes you away from the real life and that’s what I like the most about being a traveler. As an artist, you get to learn a lot of things and take inspiration from your surroundings while traveling. And I suggest everyone to put their feet up for some intervals and enjoy your living. My favourite travel destination is Uttarakhand as it is very undiscovered place and has toughest peaks. It is rich in biodiversity. I would really like to encourage people to visit Uttarakhand.

Q. We try to discover interesting facts related to food in our section food voyage. Would you like to reveal your favorite food along with your favorite cafe/restaurants? Is there any secret food that keeps you so fir and energetic?

My electrifying factor is food cooked by my mom. I love her Gobbi Paratthan. As I’m from north my all time favourite food is Momos. I love to eat momos.


Q. You have won all our hearts on television and silver screen and now you are making your debut on OTT with ABHAY 2.We would like to know about your character and how do you relate to the script?

During the preparation of Abhay 2, the character I played is very traumatized and had a dark past. So I had to take emotional and psychological risk. It was challenging as I had to draw things from past which trigger me for mental preparation of the character.
Recently my new movie ‘Bahut hua Sammaan’ released on Disney plus Hotstar which is a complete opposite character of the one in ‘Abhay 2’. The movie will tickle your funny bone and burst you into laughter. The movie is a slice of life film, filled with humour, suspense and action. It also points a mirror at society’s ills, and how, despite graduating with engineering degrees, the youth of today don’t have good jobs to fall back upon. Next I’m working on a rom com film. Audience will see me in a romantic character.



Q. The industry is constantly defamed and we recently saw your video talking about the influence that is affecting your family also which is very disappointing. What are you take on the whole scenario? 

Won’t say much about it , there are more important issues like GDP, economy slowdown, world peace, corona, farmer problems etc. Such news are affecting the youth, especially teenagers who’re at an impressionable age. My only aim is to better my craft and satisfy my creative urge. That’s all I would say


Q. Any message to your fans through India Voyage? What are the things coming up for your fans in the future

I would like to send bountiful of positive energy to the youth and ask them to keep striving hard on their craft and become better version of themselves. Please dont fall for fake social media world. Try to keep yourself away from fake news and trolling. Rather work on your goals and dreams. Don’t stop exploring and prioritize the things which are really important in life.