Q.1) How was your life initially before coming to the Industry? Your native place, family and education?

Well before the industry, I was working with an IT firm and then with an event planning company, I wanted to be an IFS or IAS officer. Life was different in many ways yet I was always into theatre dance and dramatics. I am from New Delhi, family shuffles between Mumbai and Delhi. I am a Business IT student. 

Q.2) You are the first ever Indian who bagged seven titles at the Miss Earth pageant held in the Philippines and also won the title of Miss India Earth in 2014. What made you achieve all of this? How hard or easy was that for you?

Yes I am the first Indian to bag those many titles at Miss Earth pageant.  Well it was team work and fate. When I reached there the first round was won by other countries but then it was like the universe conspired. I won back to back.  It wasn’t easy as I was competing with 99/100 different countries. And I had only 20 /25 days before the pageant to be prepared and compete with girls who had been training for years and months. But it was my faith and perseverance and I actually never give up so easily in life . 

Q.3) Suppose! You get a six month travel vacation? How would you start that, plan that and end that? Also we are eager to know your five favourite travel destinations in India?

I would first travel all over India, then I would travel to Northern European countries and watch the aurora, stay at the Kakslauttanen, travel towards Western Europe even though I have been there a lot but still a few countries are left. I then would love to travel to South America to visit Machu pichu and then straight to Africa for the wild life. I love history, nature and the museums. To me travelling is the best therapy. My favorite five destinations in India are:


Himachal Pradesh 



Leh Ladakh

Q.4) What is the one most memorable travel experience that you would never forget, recommend us to TRY or DO NOT TRY! 

Please do travel using the Eurail Pass. I travelled most of Europe with my friends back in the day and it was an experience to remember. You can budget accordingly but trust me it’s worth it .


Q.5) Any message to the innumerable people who look up to and are your fans?

Please don’t forget we all are different yet we are the same. I love you all and I hope you follow me because I’m here to inspire you to be yourself and not become a replica of me. You all are one of a kind and my extended family. You push me and support me, thank you for your kindness. Rise above the mediocrity that is being sold to you, know your worth then add some tax as they say. I love you.