We appreciate your hard work and now that you have made your mark in the industry, we would like to know how difficult it was for a girl from a small town in Uttar Pradesh to make her space in such a vast industry? 

It was a huge learning experience for me and I felt like a newborn baby who knows nothing about Mumbai. It was all extremely challenging in the beginning, leaving my home and shifting here, I had to learn each and every small thing from my art to, language, styling, make up etc. I had no guidance from anyone. In our industry, it is said that struggle never ends you just keep improving and your level keeps changing. 

Nepotism debate is at peak these days so we would like to know your views on that. Did you also face a work crisis due to it?

About Nepotism, I would say that Nepotism is all around, be it business or politics or any other sector. In our industry, I don’t think there is anything unethical about it. Things are problematic only when talent has to suffer. It is fine to work with your family or friends but newcomers should also get their fair chance. 

All your fans who are travelers also would like to know about your favorite travel destinations? And Why?
I am a mountain person. I love all the hill stations. Just take me to the mountains and I need nothing else. Talking about places in particular, I love Jaisalmer, I connect to that city. Then comes Udaipur, Jodhpur. I also Love New York City. It tops the list of my favorite destinations.

We are excited to watch more of you, what are the new projects that you are working on?

I have two movies coming up. I would make the official announcement very soon. I also read many scripts related to web shows but I did not find any of the scripts for me so movies for now. 

Any message to all your fans and readers through India Voyage?

I just want to convey the message that no matter what, travel as much as possible. Traveling makes you learn and I have personally experienced it. So just keep traveling. Lots of love.