We must not have imagined, not even in our wildest dreams that going to a grocery shop can become a challenge of life and death but the Corona Virus has made us live that bad dream. Although local authorities of all the cities in India are putting valiant efforts to make everything available for us still we have to compromise on certain things like getting products of our favorite brand, desired quality and authentic pure ghee (clarified butter) is one of them.

The demand is high as most of the people are preparing food at home and Ghee is one of the base dairy products of Regular Indian Food, Different Indian Recipes, Sweets, etc. but how do you get the fresh, hygienic, authentic ghee available for you?

You don’t need to worry if you are in Indore “Ghee Man” will immediately drop the ghee at your doorstep. Yes! You heard it right Mr. Aditya Maheshwari aka Ghee Man, who is the founder of Aadityam Future Pure and a Dairy Consultant is delivering fresh Ghee at your home just over a call. Mr. Aditya Maheshwari claims that he makes premium-quality Ghee in a transparent factory set up.

“Entrepreneurship for me is to make the existing things in society better rather than jumping on to creating something new. Since the time I got into the Dairy Industry, I started observing that adulteration has become an integral part of this industry. People do that just in the greed to earn more, considering the effect of adulteration negligible on the health, taste, and other parameters. I then decided that I will just make pure and provide pure. I have always valued quality over quantity. I am facing a lot of challenges in lockdown with the availability of workers and other resources but I am still delivering door to door in my own car taking care of proper hygiene measures, without taking any extra charges. I consider my city and my country as my family and I can never feed my family bad”.

There is nothing more that we can expect from a manufacturer so if you are in Indore just call, or text or WhatsApp on 9713122222 place your order, and Ghee Man will be there.