Hi, I am Akanksha Mittal, based in Lucknow. We all know that this year came as a challenge to all of us and I was not an exception as it was one of the biggest downfalls I saw in my industry from the time I started working as a Cabin Crew. We could actually sense the arrival of covid even before the first lockdown as the number of passengers dropped down tremendously and then suddenly everything was shut. I, fortunately, did not lose my job but the insecurity and risk was real. Sitting at home was no less than a pandemic for a frequent flier and having no clue of “When will things get back to normal”. We were fortunate enough to receive a call from work to resume our duties. The challenges on the ground were real as it is was more about safety than hospitality. I was and I still am thankful to all the passengers who started traveling because they are the reason we got our work back and we make sure that all our passengers are safe with us no matter what and for that we start our day by wearing PPE kits and face shields. Our bodies go through a lot of temperature changes which results in rashes and other skin problems. Due to masks and shields, the communication with passengers is not smooth, we need to explain them anything at least twice and thrice and Vice Versa. The challenges are real for us (Captain, Cabin Crew, On Ground staff) but we all were, are, and will be ready to do anything to make all our passengers stay safe and secure from the virus.