She came up from the problems like a hyena, like a warrior, and stands tall on what she has managed to achieve for herself. Society has always confined women in its cages of morality, Jasmine chose to break through all those shackles and has been soaring high ever since. A confident woman with all the love and courage in the world, Jasmine is becoming stronger and happier with each passing day. Jasmine was married when she was 19 and had to divorce her abusive husband. However, as soon as she reached home, she was married off to another man again, as her family considered her a burden. But, that marriage turned abusive too and she was raped by her husband. Thus, Jasmine chose to take care of her own life and took a stand for herself, thus came to Kochin for a new beginning. Eversince, it was just one milestone after another. Read on to know more, and get a sneak peek into this powerhouse!

Q. You are often touted as someone breaking stereotypes and you also have mentioned in one of your old interviews that you took up fitness as a power statement. Tell us more about this.

When I left home, I never thought I would end up in the gym. Sometimes, you need to make some choices as it comes. For me, it was just survival. I got a job as a receptionist in a gym, I wanted to live by myself and didn’t want to depend on anyone. I had come out of home with nothing and left everything I had behind. I had not much of an education. When I left home and came to Kochin, I did not know what I should do. Then I did the jobs I could do, worked as a receptionist in a gym, then I chose to do a professional course as a personal trainer, and that was the best decision I made. I went to Bengaluru for that. I wouldn’t say, that it was a power statement or something, but it was my choice and situation that led me here. I’m happy and glad that I did what I did. After coming here, I started working on myself and it helped me more emotionally and mentally. And, when I can share my story to inspire someone, it is actually a big thing.

Q. How hard was it to keep yourself going every day to become who you are today?

I had nothing when I left home and moved to Kochin. I did not have a good education, I had never left my town at all. It was very difficult in reality. But, my only priority was to get a job and pay my rent. When I shifted to Bangalore, there were more problems in managing. I took up a job as a Barista, I worked at Mcdonald’s. But, there are people who struggle more. More than me. Who does not have any support, has to come up on their own, and when I compare that to mine then it is nothing. Moreover, I was determined that I didn’t want to go back, and live with myself. I pushed myself to be here, and I am here.

Q. What are things you do to keep yourself mentally healthy?

To keep my mental health good, I primarily work out. It helps me in many ways, it makes me happy and gives me mental peace. I feel energetic after doing it. Another thing I do is travel. Travel is some kind of drug to me. Earlier, I had never traveled. But, now I love doing it. It makes me meet new people, create new experiences, and feel better. Jasmine also recommends fitness for everybody because to her, it is much more than just looking good in front of the mirror. It gives you confidence, makes your mental health better, and you feel good about yourself. And, of course, you get health benefits. Taking care of yourself is the key, be it at home or the gym.

Q. Do you think that there is more awareness about child marriages these days?

Yes, there is a lot more awareness than what it was earlier. Like when I was in my 10 grade and all, I have seen my friend being married, away. But, now the times are changing. I don’t say this is not happening anymore, but yes we are making progress. People do this in the name of customs and traditions, but hopefully, this stops.

Q. The country still doesn't have a law against marital rape. What is your opinion on that?

Actually, the thing is, people think if you get married then everything and anything is allowed. They treat you like they can do anything with you. When I went to the court, I could state nothing because there is no law. This is not a crime. Now, there are more cases of people coming out and speaking about it. They are coming out and voicing their problems. But, there is still no law against it.

Q. What do you think should be primarily changed in our society?

The change I would want is in the way we treat women and men. Although, people keep saying there is a change and now everyone is equal, on the ground it is not. If I want to travel by bus or would want to book a cab at night, there is a scare for women. The case is even worse when we talk about the rural areas. Yes, there are problems for men as well. But, women face much bigger problems than men do. People think women are vulnerable and soft. When I speak about this country, where I live, I just want this to change and hope people can live their lives without worrying about anything.

Q. What holds for the future?

To be honest, I have no plans. If you would’ve asked me 10 years ago, I would have told you that I will be married and would have hobbies, but now I don’t have any idea. I just want to be happy and keep doing what I do. I want to love myself for the way I am without any dependence. Professionally, I would want to get an IFBB card, but that’s a long journey. It requires a lot of investment and I am saving up and working towards it. Now, I am happy with my dog and my girlfriend, and I would like to keep that going.

Q. What would you like to tell people who are reading this?

No one is going to save you. You’ll have to save yourself. I always tried to play the victim, I never fought for myself. There will be people telling you, you can do nothing or you will be ending up in a brothel. My mom said you’ll end up in the brothel. And, I was worried too. Worried to leave behind everything. But, here I am now. People will always be pulling you down, and will not help you at any cost, but start. You will have to start. I don’t say you’ll be at a good place, but stand up for yourself and in the end, at least you’ll have that pleasure. You will know you stood up for yourself.
Jasmine Moosa’s only advice for women is to take a stand for themselves and do what they want to do. Yes, it is difficult in our society, but we need to start. Hoping, this powerful and inspiring conversation, gave you warmth and comfort if you are going through something similar, and motivates you to keep going.