Who in this world of social media do not know Sejal Kumar?

 Our conversation with Sejal will help you know a lot about her.



Q. Youtuber, Blogger, Singer, Dancer, Actor, Model… Is there anything that Sejal Kumar cannot do? Also, what is it that you like about each of these creative fields?

Answer – Thank you!! That is such a huge compliment! I have always believed in not putting myself in a box! I love fashion and that’s how I started and that is my main content but my side passions are music and acting that I also keep putting out content every now and then with these categories! I’ve grown up training in singing, theatre, and dance so I’m an all-over creative person! They help me reach a new audience and also for people to see a new side of myself! Also, I got the opportunity to act in Engineering Girls which is now on Netflix and I truly enjoyed it! Also, releasing my own song ‘Aisi Hun’ with Michelle Obama and YouTube creators for change was huge and I’m so excited to put out more songs in the coming months!

Q. How did it all begin? Tell us a little bit about your life before your creative journey as a professional started.

I studied Economics from SRCC. People didn’t really think I would choose the creative field as an option because of what I chose to study in college. I always had big dreams of being on the big stage, I even tried out Miss India but made it to the top 10 and not further. Then it made me realize that all I need to be is myself and show my talent and journey in my own way! That’s how youtube began, I loved filming and editing my own videos! I love fashion and loved being able to share my style with my audience. I kept experimenting and tried new things and have learned SOO much in the last 5 years

Q. Being in the creative industry, we are sure you get to travel and explore a lot. What is travel to you and how do you relate to it?

I am a very low maintenance person and don’t like to plan my trips! I just show up and decide everything there on! I love taking pictures, making videos, and learning about the history of a place so I really enjoy travel in that way! I also made a solo backpacking in Europe series on my channel a couple of years back which was one experience I will remember forever

Q. List your 5 most favorite domestic and international travel destinations. Also, is there somewhere you can’t wait to go back to once things get back to normal?

Domestic: Cherrapunji, Pondicherry, Goa, Ladakh, Jibhi
International: Vancouver, Paris, Fiji, Berlin, Amsterdam: can’t wait to go back there!

Q. From being a part of UNICEF’s initiative for convention rights of the child in 2019 to being on Youtube’s Creator’s for Change list, what is something you look forward to doing next? What have you learned from these experiences?

There is so much I want to achieve and I do have lots of big plans for the next few months! I love being able to lend my voice to causes I believe in and I genuinely genuinely want women of this country to believe in themselves more and be independent! One thing I learnt from these experiences are the stories of people! Lots of girls wrote me their stories in response to Aisi Hun which gave me such amazing insight into their lives!

Q. A lot of India Voyage’s followers belong to the younger generation. What message would you like to give them?

Self-belief and talent is something not everyone is born with but is definitely something you can learn with practice! That is a huge power so use it!