1) 2020 has definitely been a hot-hit for you, Kamaal hai has received so much of love! How do you feel about it?

Incredibly excited and over whelmed at the same time! I never expected such a great level of response that I have received. Every day is a blessing and I can’t believe I am now getting recognized as the kamal hai girl which is pretty funny.


2) Badhshah is undoubtedly one of the best Indian rappers but you dominated the video by your beauty and looks, how was your experience of working with him?

Thank you so much, working with badshah on my first album song in India was ofcourse itself a great blessing. I had already heard of his music when I was in London so I was incredibly excited to meet him and work with him , to forming a good friendship with him today. He was incredibly caring and considerate to work with me, I still remember he always made extra effort to make sure I was comfortable.

3) We have heard that you are reading a lot of scripts. How soon are we going to see you on the silver screen? What is the project?

Yes I have been busy reading scripts and received many reality TV shows offer such as celebrity bigg boss which unfortunately I have had to turn down.

You will be seeing me on screen very soon! I have two upcoming film projects ‘Sorry I’m late’ opposite Mithun Chakraborty’s eldest son Mahaakshay Chakraborty and ‘Lucknow Junction’ that are already completed and in the process of release. The dates unfortunately have been postponed due to the current situation of the pandemic.

4) Not just music videos and acting you are a social media sensation also, you are already giving competition to a lot of influencers and celebrities, In fact doing better than them in terms of figures. How do you plan to expand it?

Thank you so much! Honestly I was never so much active on social media I remember when I first came to India I had probably less than 10k followers on my social page. however gaining so much love and support from the people I now make sure to always stay connected and updated in what I am up to, whether that be makeup, beauty or fashion.


5) Any message to all your fans, followers and our readers through India Voyage?

Thank you all so much for the love because each and every one of your support means so much to me.