A section to show a facet of a place that otherwise goes unheard of or unnoticed. This month, we speak about sustainable shopping.

Slow fashion and sustainability of the industry has been questioned and evaluated a lot
more in the recent past. Landfills are getting filled faster than we can blink our eyes and
that is definitely adding to the list of problems already existing.
It is of no news that shopping in Goa is full of unique designs, colorful fabric and a whole lot of style. Everyone’s personal style is also chic which can be seen in the gazillion pictures representing Goa, its people, parties and all parallels of fun.

Considering this, it might be presumed that all people do here is party in pink. You would
actually be surprised to know how concerned and informed locals (also the non Goans
living here) and the kind of initiatives like Offbeat Goa do for the change that is imperative immediately. It started as a Facebook Group and was brought to life by Vijaya Josephine Pais who was just trying to promote the sub culture here.

Cut to 2020, and it is almost a 26k member group not only informing about events but
also organising events that are nothing less than experiences.

Lockdown digitalised a lot of operations and so did Off Beat Goa’s initiative “ Good Karma Treasure Shop”. This propagated the need of swapping/giving away things in good condition for a minimal amount. Proceeds of the same goes to various social causes like children”s education, animal welfare, family guidance. They choose a social cause NGO to donate their proceeds. You can buy it here

The process of donating clothes is also simple. You should no longer be using it, it shouldbe in good condition, washed and neatly packed and dropped off at the designated spots. Follow them here for more information
So the next time you are in Goa, instead of spending tons on clothes, donate some
clothes you don’t wear and buy online some preloved clothes and help someone in need.