We know you are curious to know everything about your favourite influencer “Shetroublemaker” , our conversation with Meghna will definitely help you know her better.


1) Be it travel, fashion, or lifestyle you have been slaying all the social media platforms through your content. How did social media work for you?

First of all, I’m glad you think that so thank you. I feel social media is my job so I take it very seriously but more than that I love doing what I do so it’s working amazingly well for me. This has always been my dream & I am blessed and happy that all my dreams are coming true by each passing day. Social media today is a blessing & we are lucky to be living in a place and century like this where its so easily accessible and handy for everyone to showcase their talent and use it for best of their abilities. or me, it’s a platform which I want and wish to make the most of  

2) Name your favourite travel destination and imagine you are left all alone there with
no cards/cash, what would be your strategy to survive?
Prague, thanks for the opportunity I’d love to get stuck there. In the above question you asked me “how did social media work for you” so thanks to social media I can always pitch myself for barter collaborations (for literally everything) so I think that’s my best bet for survival.
3) What is that one travel destination and one dining destination that you always want to visit again and talk to people about?
 It definitely would be Maldives, there’s something about that place that makes me want to go there again and again. Maldives is a place with so much serenity and peace. That place is a heaven in itself and gives so much liberation to relax oneself and enjoy the getaway. Maldives will always be my A1 location

4) Who is that one guy, you would like to travel the world with?

Hahaha, Need I go only with a guy ? I would rather prefer my girl Shivani Singh, She would definitely be the one I’d love to travel the world with, I’ve pretty much traveled most of the places with her already & she is the best traveller partner one could have. She is my comfort zone and my bff.


5) This shoot for our cover came out so well. how does it feel to be on the cover of the only Indian Travel magazine?

I can’t tell you how much this means to me & For how long I was waiting for this cover to come out, I’m so grateful to be a part of this. Achieving milestones like these, doesn’t really happen everyday but when it does it takes the more special place in my heart. In this pandemic year, the best thing happened was my association with India Voyage & obviously the cover. I am filled with gratitude & joy

I’m so glad that you thought I was worthy of it.

6) Any message to all your fans/followers and our readers?

I always say this, I’m going to say it again.Make mistakes, learn when you do. Love what
you do. Love everyday. Most importantly, love yourself. There is nothing better or more
than that. No one will stand up for you. Its YOU that you have to be there for.
Believe, Breathe and Be Happy