A diva in every sense of the word, Shivani Singh is an aspiring actress and an established model and was a finalist at Miss Diva 2014. Radiating confidence and glee, Shivani has worked in a number of TV Commercials, Tv Serials, Web Series, Music Videos, and so on. Her flawless looks and impeccable style has drawn the attention of top-notch brands in the beauty, fashion, fitness, and travel category. Shivani is a devoted lover of animals and has always been an advocate for animal safety and well-being.

1) Travel made from “fun to risk” transition this year but you gave some major “Unlock Goa” fascination to your followers? How did you find Goa after the Pandemic?

As you can see I visited Goa followed precautions and managed to have a huge dose of fun. Goa has always been close to my heart & visiting it after such a long time gave me chills. Of course, it was an overwhelming feeling as amidst the lockdown travel had become a long seen dream but all in all, it was an amazing one

2) Goa has always been one of the most desired locations and it still is, with fewer covid cases, we have ranked Goa as the most desired travel destination in India this year. Did you mark any changes in pre-pandemic and post-pandemic Goa?

Goa has always been chilled out. It was this way before and it is even now. Almost Everything is open, the vibe is great Just that people are wearing masks and being careful.

And even the restaurants are taking precautions.

3) Although Goa is a 360-degree fancy destination. What is that one place to stay or one place to eat or drink or to get high in Goa that you recommend?

Thalassa is amazing as always, how can one miss Thalassa while in Goa! Always been a go-to place

Baba au rhum was great fun. Has amazing food and cocktails.


4) In the time of travel with precautions, can you list a few things that we can always find in your bag now?

Face masks, Sanitizer, lipgloss, sunscreen, Sunglasses, wipes, etc. Masks have become the new necessity!

5) A Voyager to Voyager’s message through India Voyage?

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take. But by the moments and places that take our breath away! So travel hassle-free & make memories.