Q1. We all know Ruma as a renowned model, actor, and influencer. But we would like to know something about your life’s behind the scenes. How was your life initially, schooling, family, college?

In school days it was not that I really wanted to be a part of this industry. Since childhood, I wanted to be a doctor. I wanted to help poor people by treating and feeding them free of cost. So, I thought I will become a doctor but my mom pushed me to be a part of this industry. Most parents don’t push their children to enter the industry When you don’t have any support or don’t have a lot of money to launch yourself, the struggle in the industry is really hard. My mom has always been my backbone because she always pushed me to work hard and learn acting from the National School of Drama especially because it is one of the finest institutes of acting.
My mom is a single parent and in my mom’s family, everyone works in the government sector so they always wanted me to do a job. I am glad that my mom pushed to work in the film industry and that is the reason I am here. I think I have that creative mind which helps me to create a lot of good content when it comes to acting, modeling, and being an influencer on social media and I am so happy about this.
Q2. What do you like and relate to the most out of acting and modeling?
If I have to choose anything from acting and modeling, it will always be acting. Because during my childhood I never wished to be an actress, but I am loving it now. Through acting you daily explore and learn new things and especially little details. I also enjoy it because with every new project I am part of a new team,  I get to meet new people and observe different kinds of work styles. For me acting is more important than modeling. Each and every day I learn something. I will continue to act until I die and will try to do every role that comes my way.
Q3. Artists have suffered the most in lockdown and pandemic, how was your experience in the first few days of the nationwide lockdown?
I feel really blessed because I have seen people starving because of no food and no money. Many of the actors from Mumbai have shifted back to their home town because of no work. I was blessed by the grace of God that I continued to receive work during these days and didn’t face any financial or work issues. But initially, the few days were really difficult because we are not used to eating at home all the time, neither are we used to sitting at home and working from home but then it became easier working from home, and also, I got to spend time with my family and learn new things. I tried to learn cooking. I really wish the pandemic situation gets over soon and life gets back to normal.
Q4.India Voyage magazine is mostly about traveling, so we would like to know how much do you like traveling? What are your favorite travel destinations? Why?
Yes, I love traveling and exploring new places, new cities, new countries, new traditions, and new cultures. I love meeting new people. Currently, my favorite traveling destinations are Greece and Paris, and this year, I was going to fly a bit more for blogging and photo shoot but unfortunately, because of COVID everything came to a standstill. I am eagerly looking forward to the time when I can travel next to my favorite destinations. Last time when I was in Argentina and Brazil for my reality show shoot, we had issues with phone and network and our phones were mostly with the team. So, I used to click pictures and go live for my audience whenever I used to get my phone back. By sharing details of surroundings with my audience I felt my followers also enjoyed the moment and they also were a part of everything eye witnessed.

Q5. The nepotism debate in the industry is currently a hot topic and we would like to know your opinion on that? Did you face anything with respect to that in your career?

Nepotism is in every industry even if it’s corporate or government industry. Since in our industry, everything is transparent in the fact that it can be seen clearly through social media and media, it is most talked about. I too have faced it but more than nepotism the issue that persists in the industry is that everyone has their own group so they mostly prefer working with their people.  I feel this is okay and there is nothing bad in that. But I always say that even I have also faced this in my initial days in Mumbai. I didn’t get a lot of projects because of the favoritism. But that’s fine because when you have the talent and have a belief in yourself you definitely will do something. I have achieved everything so far because of my own hard work and without anyone’s help.Today, social media is one of the biggest platforms and our audience is also very smart, they know who is talented and whom to give love. So, I think social media is playing a really great role in today’s life, if you have talent please come forward, if you feel your talent is not visible show your talent on social media, and definitely, people will love. Even I am a live example because I have experienced it. I didn’t have any support from the industry like no one said to that they will give me a break. I created my own break. So, it’s better that we ourselves create an opportunity rather than depending on anyone. You have to depend on yourself that’s important more than anything.