We all were a victim of the pandemic and it had hit us really hard in all the possible ways. We were skeptical about our future career, we still are!
Trying to overcome skepticism is the “mantra” that worked for Shikha Bhandari who is an entrepreneur Founder of a commercial products venture, The Mini Trunk. 
Shikha, a young & passionate entrepreneur from Chandigarh was in her final year of MBA when pandemic started. Idea of The Mini Trunk striked her mind when she could not see any clarity and was inspired to make the odds work for her. Shikha has a range of products, gifts and exclusive items in “The Mini Trunk” for almost everyone. Quality checks and services are the unique selling points of “The Mini Trunk”. Shikha is a visionary who is putting every ounce of her skills to provide an ultimate solution of demand and supply as a marketer through her venture.
I was about to complete my MBA when “The Mini Trunk” was just a commercial idea. I discussed the idea with my father Mr. Rajiv Bhandari and he encouraged me to pursue it. Frankly, I was always hesitant as I could imagine the social and commercial pressure but my father was eliminating all the odds striking my mind. It was his encouragement that made me trust myself to take steps further. Initially, it was difficult to attract customers but once people started ordering, the number just increased. I am a firm believer that customer satisfaction should be the USP of any business and I would proudly say that I have maintained it with “The Mini Trunk”, says Shikha
Shikha’s Father Mr. Rajiv Bhandari added to it :
“I could see Shikha’s dedication from the first day and I think we all as parents have a responsibility to encourage and support every productive idea of our kids, be it a girl or a boy. Shikha has an entrepreneur inside her, who is not dependent on help but I still tried to help her with the best of my knowledge and experience. Obviously, there are challenges in a product-oriented business but listening to your customers and coming out better through it is the only solution”
There is a lot more for you inside “The Mini Trunk” 
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