Life can be tough sometimes and the people around you are the only ones that can make a difference other than yourself. People who go out of their way to help others are just a disguise of a heavenly angel. And there are not many people in this self-centered world that would do this. But a 9-year-old little girl have proved to us that humanity still exists and we can have faith in it. But what does a small kid like Akarshana Satish even knows about humanity and helping others?


In today’s generation, reading books is very uncommon in kids as well as adults. Everyone is busy with their phones scrolling through the web. But this was not the case with Akarshana Satish, who has set up a whole library for the people suffering from cancer in the MNJ Cancer Institute in Hyderabad. The little mind had a dream of helping the people in need and she thought of setting up the library so the children in the institute can distract themselves from the unendurable pain that they suffer from the treatment. It is very appreciable that at such a young age Akarshana had these thoughts. She started collecting books for this purpose a year back from her friends and family members. She managed to collect over a 1000 books for the library. She also got the books in different languages so the kids won’t have any problems reading them. There were story books for kids and various coloring books as well. She pitched the idea to the cancer institute and they were pretty happy to convert their playing area into a library. They encouraged the initiative taken by Akarshana and provided their help with the plan. The Hyderabad Commissioner of Police, Anjani Kumar, came to know about the initiative by Akarshana and were very impressed by the deed she was up to. The Commissioner met her and to appreciate her efforts he gave her a memento.


This idea from the young mind can be used in all the hospitals where a distraction is must from the excruciating treatments. It can help the kids keep their moral boosted and be happy instead of being tensed about their health. Akarshana has done a deed which was supposed to be done by an adult. It is a big question that why anyone else haven’t really thought of this. The maturity she showed at this age surely tells us that she will be a gift to the people living around her in the future.