The monsoons are here and the humidity is making us miss the beach. While flocking Goa has made the state overflowing. Everyone seeking a quick beach getaway, we have got you covered. To enjoy the beach breeze, cuddle your face and race with the waves, pack your bags, and set out to Tarkali, on the west coast of Mumbai. Known as the Queen Beach of the Konkan region, is an abode for water sport activities and a cozy free vacation for beach lovers. The scenic view of the beach also makes up for the best Instagram highlights for your feed.

What It's Got For You

Tarkali is for every adventure lover out there, who would like to go wild on their vacation. The place is home to some of the best scuba diving experiences, boating, jet skiing, surging and more. You can go for your solace boating in the houseboats and spend time in solitude amidst the soothing water and a green backdrop, at the Karli Backwaters.
Not everyone plans their vacation according to scenic views, some do for the joy of their taste buds! And, people like that, Tarkali, might be your best quick weekend destination. The Konkan beach is a place where Maharashtra and Goa come into cognizance. Also, the place has locals who have turned to breakfast services providing the delicacies of ethnic native food. The most famous seafood of the place includes Kombdi-Vade, Malvani Mutton Curry, Sol Kadi, Aamras. They have got something for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Other than these, the place is also full of shops where you can stop to pick some favorites for your loved ones and try the cashews out there.

Mapping Your Way There

Getting to the village is an easy task. The place has multiple ways to get there, including its nearest airport at Dabolim Airport in Goa. However, people inside Maharashtra can take rails, buses, and taxis through the state, cutting down on costs by a huge margin, as it costs as low as 500 rupees for the complete journey.

Be Mindful!

While you are at it, remember, this is one of the tourists’ spots that is entirely run by the tourists coming in from across the country. Be mindful of your presence and try helping the people out there. The small businesses, local bazaars, food outlets, the water sports all thrive with you opting for their services. While you enjoy every part of yours, also make sure you play your part there.
The vicinity is secluded and has its cozy vibe in check. The place is not known to many tourists across the country, making it less populated and free for everyone to enjoy their space and the village in its true sense. As a cherry on top, you’ll get to spot dolphins too!