We are nearing the festive season of the year, and what better to kickstart the season than a quick getaway into the dreams? Yes, while you keep all the COVID precautions in mind. Our heartland is actually a paradise on Earth, that we often look past, because of the lack of awareness about our own gems in the subcontinent. One such picturesque vacation itinerary should be the Ziro town in Arunachal Pradesh. The town in the northeast is everyone’s dream of a perfect vacation full of peace, relaxation, and one for the heart. The town is home to over 30,000 Apatani tribal people who live and grow surplus levels of rice paddies across the land. Bamboo groves and pine forests form the vegetation of the town, included in the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Something for Everyone

Which kind of traveller are you? Do you love staycations, or are you an explorer? If you find it more in walking through the lanes and meeting the locals, and striking the conversation, you are in for a great time! For there’s so much, they have to offer. The tribe is one of the oldest tribes to be alive and has unique religious, cultural, and agricultural practices. Their agricultural reforms are touted to be the most advanced as they manage to harvest crops and fish farms at a higher altitude. Their dance, their folklore, and just mere conversations with the locals will take you on a ride.
But, if you’re on the other side of the spectrum, and would like to visit monumental scenes, Ziro has it covered for you. The ‘Talley Wildlife Sanctuary’ popular for its see clouded leopards and dense forestry make the highlight of the town. Meghna Cave Temple, Midey, Hapola, and more form the other prominent tourist places of Ziro. The place also offers adventure sports for the travelers who visit.
The town also hosts the Ziro music festival since 2012. The festival sees music bands, folk artists, and musicians from across the globe coming in to perform every September, awakening the town with their soulful music.

How Do You Reach There

Traveling to the town is as simple as going anywhere else. However, one requires a permit (Inner line permit) to go there, as Arunachal falls in the restricted areas. These permits are issued by resident commissioners in all major cities across the country. The nearest airport to the town is the Tezpur airport in Assam, and one could take a bus or taxi to reach the town. The place is pleasant throughout the year and you can visit the place whenever you want.

Before You Take Off

Vacationing is everyone’s escapism from reality and a short period of relaxation from our routine life. But, before you plan, make sure you are vaccinated and have all the COVID precautions in check. Do a lot of research about the place. While the Apatani tribes are one of the best hosts, you need to be a good guest. Learn about their culture and be more inclusive of theirs. Look forward to having a good time. Not to forget, the weather might be rough on people so have a medical backup ready. Happy vacationing, everyone!