At most of the homes in India, the day starts with a cup of piping hot chai, accompanied by some biscuits and snacks. Let’s just say the connection of Indians with tea is just magical. Now let’s check out the different types of teas that India has to offer.

1) Masala Tea

If you want to sit around on a rainy day with some cakes, masala tea is just the hot beverage you need. This tea is made by adding milk to spices like cardamom, cloves, pepper corns, cinnamon and ginger. However, every family has their unique spice blends for their everyday cup of tea. A cup of nice masala tea can ease someone who has a headache, cold and cough. It is a staple tea for Indian families as you will find masala tea in every household.

2) Assam Tea

Assam tea is a black tea that is native to Assam. It is admired for its stronger, sharper, and malty flavor. The tea usually has quick, smoky, musky notes to it, which is widely preferred in India and around the world. Assam tea does have not only a distinctive flavor but also has some health benefits. It increases mental alertness and prevents lung and ovarian cancer.

3) Kashmiri Kahwa Tea

The Kahwa tea is something very peculiar Kashmir has to offer. It is known for its exotic and strong flavor. The tea gets its strong flavor from cardamom, cinnamon, saffron, and rose petals. Towards the end, the concoction is brewed with green tea, depending on how strong or mild a person needs his beverage. Usually, sugar is used for sweetening the tea, but honey is added for the required sweetness in this case. In the end, the Kashmiri kahwa is garnished with dried rose petals and chopped almonds. This tea gives a glamorous glow to the skin, as seen in all of the Kashmiri people.

4) Noon Tea

This is one other type of tea that Kashmir has to offer. It is also known as ‘gulabi tea’ or ‘sheer tea’ because of its unique pink color. This tea is made by brewing tea leaves along with cardamom and baking soda. Due to these two ingredients, the tea gets its distinctive pink color. Milk and salt are added along with cinnamon, rose petals, almond, and pistachios garnished on top of it. The noon tea is considered good for health as it prevents heartburn and bloating.

5) Butter Tea

Also known as the ‘gur gur chai,’ this tea is originated from Ladakh and Sikkim. Butter tea is made with a blend of tea leaves, Yak milk butter, water, and salt. This tea is very delicious, and it is usually served in small cups. Ladakh is a high-altitude location, so this tea keeps the people warm and saves them from cough and cold.

6) Darjeeling Tea

It is cultivated in the Kalimpong district in West Bengal. This tea is famous not only in India but also worldwide. The tea comes in several varieties, namely white, black, green, and Oolong. It has a subtle aromatic smell and a soothing taste. This tea helps reduce weight and can help with stomach ulcers.
Here is a list of tea types which you can try while you are travelling through India. No matter which type of tea it is, if you see a cranky Indian, serve him tea and it will be alright!