Rashil is a picturesque village 70-80kms from Manali in Lahaul Valley, Himachal Pradesh. Like most of the places in Lahaul Valley this village is also unexplored. This patch is considered as the amalgamation of Hindu-Buddhist religion and the cultural orientation of people and beliefs depict that we (Indians) are one from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. 

Rashil is famous for spotting brown bears and there are a couple of brown bear families residing around this village and can be spotted any random evening, while they come to eat their favourite evening snack i.e Apple.

Not a lot of people have been to Rashil but it is considered as one of the most beautiful villages where you can actually spend some time in peace amidst nature.
It was not easy to reach Rashil a couple of years back but now due to Atal Tunnel you can easily approach this beautiful village.

Rashil has now become a potential site for Skiing. Now that locals are promoting tourism and inviting tourists here. It is easy for travellers to plan a comfortable stay as Zostel Homes is there is Rashil.


So If you are also a fan of exploring the unexplored. Rashil is the Place for you.