Travellers would relate to the fact that it is more about people, the experience you get from them that makes a very special place in your heart forever. This one is dedicated to Mr. Vikas Rockpaa (Kaku Bhai), who made our experience incredible in an isolated patch like Lahaul Valley. 

Mr. Vikas Rockpa (Kaku Bhai)


Gushal is a village 70 kms away from Manali and it takes around 2-3 hours to reach Gushal. It is one of the biggest villages in the whole Spiti-Lahaul Valley. We talk about urbanisation in India but people in villages are still as orthodox as you have read in the books of history. Since Gushal is an unexplored village, this fact made us skeptical about experiencing something wonderful here. We were also told that there is just one place to stay and challenges are real. 

Our skepticism came to an end immediately after reaching Gushal, precisely at the “FLYING MONK HUTS AND RESTAURANT”, the only place where you can stay and eat at in Gushal Village.  As soon as we reached Flying Monk we did not feel like we were in a village. Ambiance, accomodation, amenities are no less compared to any 3-star property or I would say even better looking due to the geographical situation of the village. Who would imagine a Sauna Bath and a Restaurant preparing food of different cuisines, using farm fresh vegetables? Flying Monk did, he did it for us.

Flying Monk Huts and Restaurant is inspired by an ancient monk who lived in Gushal Village at a place named Rogling in 1800BC.The Place of his abode was popularised by the name “Thukchum Monastery”. This Monastery was strangely similar to the architecture of a church which later got destroyed by a massive avalanche. It is said that this mysterious and powerful monk had immense powers and used to fly to a nearby mountain summit for meditation, you can witness the petrified body of the monk and his small hut he used to stay at. It is said that there is no walkable road to the hut and one can reach there only by flying

We believe that the Flying Monk is still watching us explore Gushal valley. And the love, care, friendliness, and adventure hiking we experienced, made us resemble Flying Monk in Vikas. 
We are surely going back there soon but if you do before us, do not forget to stay at the Flying Monk Huts and Restaurant and thank us later.

Bon Voyage

Flying Mink Huts and Restaurant