All of us have heard about Wine, be it in it’s favour or the other way round. Now, in this Era of innovation wine seems to take a positive social twist and “RED WINE KHEER” is the perfect example of that. Yes, you read it right “Red Wine Kheer”. As every substance is coming out of the box in this century food is not to behind in the race. Entrepreneur and Renowned Chef Mr. Ashish Singh Chandel, owner of “The Desi Cafe” in Agra has introduced a new recipe for the lovers of desserts and drink by combining both of the favored delicacies and invented the Red Wine Kheer. Kheer is an Indian hot rice pudding made my boiling milk and sugar with rice. Preparation of Red Wine Kheer does not differ a lot, it’s just that it is served cold after adding 30ml of expensive Red Wine into it.

Facts About Red Wine Kheer:

  1. It is available only at The Desi Cafe, Agra, Uttar Pradesh.
  2. Red Wine Kheer has the perfect amount of Red Wine that is good for your health.
  3. Red Wine Kheer is not at all a hard drink or cocktail, it is simply a dessert.
  4. You would not get drunk even after eating a lot of it.
  5. It is blended with one of the most expensive wines in the market.
  6. Once you have it, you will definitely want to have it again.
  7. One of the best desserts available in the market.