Located at the heart of Shillong in Meghalaya, Police Bazar is a one-stop market for every kind of tourist visiting this scenic city. It is one of the best places for shopping in Shillong and among the top places to experience the wonderful Shillong Tourism. It is basically a small stretch of road with stalls on both sides with shops selling a variety of street food, handicraft items, winter wear, and pickles.

This main market area is at a distance of 1 km from Shillong Bus Stand and offers several kinds of opportunities for shopping and amusement. On your visit to Police Bazar, along with the modern shops, you will find an array of traditional shops selling exquisite handicrafts from Meghalaya. You can buy interesting articles which are not only eco-friendly but also cheap. However, you need a lot of bargaining skills while purchasing something from street vendors. 

Considered an ideal place for leisure seekers, shopping enthusiasts, and food lovers, this market has several hotels, shops, and eating joints. This place is crowded with people throughout the day and is easily accessible from all parts of Shillong via buses, taxis, cabs, and other transport services.
During the late-night hours, the market is brightly lit and clusters of small outlets and street vendors keep the bazaar alive and attract many tourists. The Meghalaya tribes are talented craftspeople and are popular for bamboo and cane products.
Nestled in the center of the city, the Police Bazar offers a good shopping area for all kinds of requirements. You will find numerous local and branded outlets for shopping here. This is also the major place to get Taxis for traveling in all directions – Cherrapunji, Dawki, and Guwahati. Additionally, there are some other decent places for coffee and a hangout as well.
Though the Bazaar is essentially for the locals, due to its central location, it is always overflowing with tourists. For a pure vegetarian restaurant and a hygienic place to dine, you can visit Madras Café. You can also find a bunch of red-color food vans serving Momo, Fried Rice, Chicken, and other Chinese food items, which is especially famous here.
Shillong is a nice, cool, and comfortable place but unlike other hill stations, Shillong doesn’t
have any Mall Road. But Police Bazar, the gateway to the city, is a noisy and busy location full of life and tourists strolling down the lanes. Moreover, being centrally located and in the vicinity of most popular restaurants and many hotels and there is no touristy “mall road”, it becomes a must-visit for tourists with time on hand. To that extent, it has a sprinkling of hawkers selling trinkets and memorabilia.
From tourists walking causelessly on the streets to teenagers searching for cheap buys for their hostel stays, you will love all the sights and sounds at this place. Moreover, the locals selling some organic products from their village gardens and people showing off their bargaining skills are a wonderful treat to the eyes.
A must-visit place on the itinerary of the tourist, this place is the heart of the city. You can spend an entire evening shopping as many things as you want and eating as much as you can. Don’t forget to try out the Bamboo shoot pickle and the exotic fruits on your visit here.