For making Daniel Radcliffe’s 32nd birthday special today, we have got his best, top five movies excluding the Harry Potter movie series that his fans must watch at any cost. Daniel Radcliffe, a name in the movie industry with whom most of us are familiar. A big name in Harry Potter land.
Indeed, Daniel Radcliffe is one of the popular and extraordinary actors of the present world who has down-to-earth nature. He never intended to join the game of making money. He is a versatile actor who concentrated on earning the name, did not settle millions to act in bigger movie franchises earned through his hit movies like Harry Potter, instead opted for quality movies. He never hesitated to, take up a low-budget movie rather than poor quality.
These low-budget movies may not be attained as much as compared to others but he believed in the norm that he receives greater creative satisfaction that many actors fail to obtain by working in big blockbusters.
Today, on Daniel Radcliffe’s 32nd birth anniversary, we have prepared you a list of must-watch movies by Daniel Radcliffe eliminating the famous Harry Potter movie series that you must pay a watch if you believe you are his true fan. Starting with,

1. The Woman in Black

Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliffe), a lawyer by profession, is formerly widowed and mourning the loss of his wife. He is transferred to an isolated village to establish a perished oddity’s relationships in the injunction. Shortly, he acknowledges the horrible mysteries of the villagers and found that his late client’s mansion is tormented by the spirit of a woman.

2. Horns: Amazon Prime Video

In the horror-comedy film where a man (Daniel Radcliffe) is accused of murdering his girlfriend, Daniel Radcliffe wakes up one daylight to discover he has risen a set of horns. He is equipped with undefinable supernatural powers now and sets out to uncover the killer. The film displays the excellent theatrical ability of Daniel Radcliffe.

3. Swiss Army Man

Young Hank is being abandoned on a deserted island tired, alone, and with no confidence. Hank organizes to end his life until he sighted a man (Daniel Radcliffe) who is dead and relatively flatulent. Utilizing the dead body to his benefit, Hank out of nowhere makes it back to his continent.

4. Guns Akimbo: Amazon Prime Video

Miles, a video game creator/ developer who unintendedly evolves to become the successive player in a real-life death match that is featured online. Miles tries to escape and excel from driving out of the game but he didn’t know his tricks are mere failure to Nix, an assassin of the game. One of my favorites because of the perfect blend of games in friction and real life.

5. The F Word

An honest, conventional kind, romantic-comedy. Placed on the last spot die its soft genre, more delightful, amusing, and one of the best enacted dramatic films of Daniel Radcliffe which shouldn’t be forgotten by his enthusiasts.